Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to.... Me!

Happy Birthday to.... Me!

Yes, this past Saturday I celebrated my 24th Birthday. It was a special occasion because as a Cancer survivor, (9 months as of last week) it was very touch and go for a while whether I would make it to my 24th Birthday.

But I am so thankful to be here, happier than ever, and almost healthier than ever. Since January I have joined my local gym. Even more impressive Im actually going. About 3 times a week. Swimming about once a week. And I recently finished up a 12 week Yoga course. And I', down almost 2 and a half stone since New Years, but more importantly I feel so much better... I sleep better, wake up much earlier, leap out of bed.

It helps when you have an amazing group of friends, and a great boyfriend too.

So thank you so much to all my friends who helped me celebrate my life this past weekend. I Love you all.


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