Monday, April 23, 2012

Time to Assemble the Avengers

So Last weekend my good friend Brian and I got to go to the First Ever Fan Screening of Avengers Assemble, It was pretty cool to be the first people on the planet to see it, well, apart for the people who attended the LA premiere, but stick, very cool.

As for the film, Im not one for writing big long reviews, but I will happily sum it up when I say its amazing, funny, charming, clever and action packed. Its an action film at its hard, and its delivers like Dominos!

My favourite party of the screening was when it was announced that "unfortunately that film has not been full rendered in 3D yet, so this screening will be shown in 2D" and the whole audience cheered. No one liked 3D, but worse again are films that have been rendered into 3D after the film was shot in 2D, its annoying to think that studios are happy to butcher the quality of a film, just so they can boost up the profit numbers. And seeing as the Avengers has already been the highest tracking film this year, they could have easily released it as it was intended in 2D and had a hugely successful film.

Anyways, the film is realeased in Ireland & the UK on the 26th of April. Yes. This Thursday!


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