Thursday, April 12, 2012

Simple Party Ideas.

Everyone knows that a good party is all about setting the mood... So before my big party I had spent hours trawling through countless design blogs, trying to get ideas for the perfect outdoor party/

In the end I really shouldn't have worried so much, everyone had a great tome, but I think my little touches really set the mood.

The Highlight was definitely out big open fire. Not only was it the focal point of the garden, but it provided heat on the April night when dusk began to set.

Other simple touches were the fairy lights we strung up, nothing is more classy or simple than some white fairy lights, really put everyone in that summer party vibes.

I borrowed a lantern of a friend of mine (the wonderful Shonagh) and just filled them with tea lights. I got a bag of 20 long burning tea lights from the 2Euro shop, was more than enough.

and finally, glass jars. Again so simple and rustic, but they give such a relaxed vibe. For the past month I had been collecting all the jars in our house, salsa dips, pesto, mayo... I soaked them all overnight in a bucket of warm soapy water, and in the morning the labels peeled right off. Then it was simply a matter of placing some of the larger jars around the garden and under some trees. I used the smaller jars as fence decorations, by simply tying them to the fence, we had an instant feature in the garden.

It really was the perfect party. My thanks again to everyone that came.

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