Monday, April 2, 2012

What I did! Part 2

So last week I did a little blog post about my garden, and how during the sunny spell we decided it was time to spruce it up a little.

Well here are the results so far. We painted the poles ate the end of the garden blue, they are going to be used for hanging baskets, and they keep the fairy lights up too.

An Aunt of mine was throwing out her old suite of furniture, so we kept the hardwood frame of the couch. We have pillows, and blankets and cushions that we can throw on it when we have friends over.

Along the fence we hung some lanterns and candle holders. I found the Green lantern at a charity shop for a euro, seeing it was covered in rust. After bringing it home, I scrubbed it down, and gave it a fresh coat of paint!

Lastly we painted the stepping stones in the grass blue. They were just a plain grey before, so now they have a fresher look to them. I really like the blue too, its nice and calming, so I am now thinking of painting the back wall of the garden this same colour, and maybe add some more lanterns. This would give the patio a Moroccan feel to it.

I'll keep everyone updated with how my garden is coming along during the course of the Summer.


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