Friday, September 23, 2011

DIY Darren

So I don't know if I'm the only one that does this, (at least I hope Im not), my clothes live on the floor. I dont mean to disregard them so. But you know how it is, you come home from a long day, and putting your clothes away neatly is the last thing on your mind.

So I figured the only way to combat this problem of mine would be buying a chair. It sounds simple, but I figure if the clothes are not on the floor, and instead piled on a chair it would lessen the appearance of a typical male messy room. and there she is, in all her glory.

Except this chair in paticular isn't looking very glorious at all. I got the chair in my local Cancer Society Shop, it was a steal at just €4. And even though I hated the colour, I figured Id be able to fix it up somehow.

So this was my first job. Getting rid of the wine coloured frame. I didnt know what colour I would paint it, even at this stage, but white funiture is a little too west coast beach house for me, so I ramshacked my Dad's tool shed, to see what he had lying around.

Here's my fabulous friend Jennifer showing off my amazing painting skills.
and luckily I found a tin of Gold paint down the back of the shed. Not just gold paint, but anti rust gate paint, which Im pretty sure was not intended for wood, but it gave the chair this almost dirty looking finish, which I loved. The idea of a golden chair sounded so regal to me, so when this murky gold effect came out, I was delighted.

When I put the seat back on the frame, I liked the end look, black and gold is always a winning combination. Just ask Sam Sparro. But I knew it could be better. Just ask Sam Sparro. So I looked to my wardrobe for inspiration.

and inspiration is indeed what I found, in the form of an old shirt no less. Its actually not that old a shirt, I brought it a few weeks back in another of my favourite second hand shops in town, Mrs. Quinns, but it never really went with anything, or there was never really the right night out for a mustard paisley print shirt. Well, in Ennis anyways. It needed a new life.

and thats just what it got. By simply wrapping the shirt around the seat for the chair, I was able to see how it would look, and it looked great.

All I had to do then was staple the fabric on to the chair. and then nail the remaining fabric down after running out of staples. Simple.

ta-dah! the pin nails actually worked out quite well, they are a lot stronger than the staples, but not long enough to poke through the seat, it also kept the material in place, and I was able to get the seem of the shirt in the centre of the seat.

and there she is. my new chair - slash - clothes horse. Unfortunately I now have no excuse for having a messy room.

And here she is in her new home, the dark gold is a nice contrast with the pale blue wall, and I love the print on the chair, it is much more suited with a seat, than, lets say, on my back. The chair cost €4, while the shirt, from Zara by the way, was just €5. So a new chair for less than a tenner. Quite the bargain I'd say.


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I heard about the chair. Lovely.