Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rude Ginger Bitch

Jamaica has Grace. Ireland has Roisin. America has Gaga. and now England has its very own new reigning Queen of cool, Nicola Roberts.

Nicola became my favourite Loud Girl when a reporter that had earlier insulted bandmate Sarah in his article, asked why she was being so grumpy during an interview... Nicola simply responded "Because I don't talk to cunts" and ever since then, a legend was born.

Noted for doing her own thing, Nicola is undoubtable the most fashion forward of the band, and has been a champion of you UK designers. She highlighed the dangers of Tanning salons in a BBC3 documentary, and gave gingers all over the country a new hero to aspire to...

Last night while performing in London's G-A-Y she continued her Urban Fairytale theme, with Repunzle like hair, and a great pair heels.

Nicola's album, Cinderella Eyes, was released Friday in Ireland, and on Monday in the UK. and it is very, VERY good! The lyrics are honest and refreshing, like a less crazed Lily Allen.


My favourite track from the Album, so hard to choose... Probably Gladiator!

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