Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Lid is opening soon...

So a few weeks back my amazingly talented friend, Ciara K, said she was working on an arts project and asked if I wanted to get involved. I said yes before she had finished asking the question. I knew if Ciara was involved, that the end result would be amazing.

The project is an online arts magazine, feature up and coming Irish Artists (all forms and medias). It will also have a consistent events guide (has anyone seen the Culture Fox website, its god awful).

Down the line, we are hoping to put the best of our content into print form, whether that is a book or a magazine, its to be decided.

What we do know is that we need content. So here is an open call for your, YES YOUR, work. Your ideas, your concepts, your views, your thoughts.

Please send on your work to and come Like us on Facebook


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