Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good as Gold...

I picked up this frame in the Somalia Shop a few weeks back, it was down the bottom of a bin and had no picture inside of it. What it did have however was a 50 cent price sticker, which was reason enough for me to buy it.

When I got home I flipped through old issues of i-D magazine I came across ‘Le Saut dans le Vide’ (Leap into the Void) by French artist Yves Klein. I love this image so much, the idea of free falling, and the pain that comes after it. It needed to be framed.

What I didn't Love however was the frame, so dark and clunky looking. Everytime I looked at the Black & White image itself, it felt to me so much more depressing.

Luckily I had some gold paint left over from my CHAIR, and it was all it look to give the frame a new lease of life. I just gave the frame one quick coat, using a sponge to apply the paint, so it wouldn't leave and brush strokes, just a stained effect.

I Love how it now looks on the Wall of Frame. It doesn't look dark or heavy, and the gold does what its meant to do, it frames the image, and doesn't subtract.


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