Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Big Issue

So a few weeks ago I was trawling through the magazine racks in Hughes & Hughes, one trashy magazine after another, Jordan's ugly mug, stupid stories about Cheryl Cole or Victoria Beckham, or the worst of the worst, the ridiculous women's "Real Life" magazine. "I slept with my cat" "I was abducted by lesbian aliens". Anyways I was just about to sigh and leave when Natalie Portman's hand drawn face caught my eye. She was on the cover of Little White Lies, I had never heard of the film magazine before, but I was definitely intrigued, and I spend so much money already on magazine, I figured whats another €7?

(FYI: The cover's type was designed by David Carson)

These are some of the lay outs from inside the magazine, its really just so well done, something interesting to look at on each page. Its a film magazine meets art gallery.

And the good folks at LWL have gone and put together a little making of...

It is so interesting to see how much work goes into the making of one issue, from start to finish.

And here is creative director Paul Willoughby drawing Natalie Portman for the cover. Making it look so easy in the process. Thats probably why he is creative director.

And the best thing about The Black Swan Issue is that now everyone can read it. Because it has just gone up on ISSUU, so CLICK HERE and enjoy.


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