Saturday, February 5, 2011

Elle Collections.... LUST

So last weekend I was down in Cork, just visiting Family, I had intended on doing a bit of shopping, but due to bad timing (and an empty wallet) I just had barely enough time to run into Easons and pick up a magazine for the bus home, and to my delight right inside the door I was greeted by the new issue of ELLE Collections.

At €10.47 its not cheap for a magazine, but then again its so much more than a magazine. Its like the book of inspiration and ideas, each page is more exciting than the next.

It really is a credit to Lorraine Candy, Editor-In-Chief, and acting Creative Director, Tom Meredith. Its just such a shame its only released bi annually. Oh well, only 6 more months til Elle Collections A/W comes out


(Images via CR blog)

Lorraine seems happy that I liked the issue. Hi Lorraine. *Waves*

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