Saturday, February 5, 2011

Think Before You Tweet...

Oh Kenneth... Come on now, what were you thinking? Yesterday Mr. KC decided to tweet a really dumb comment about his Cairo store, its not that it was that terrible, but hes a multi millionaire fashion designer for Christs sake, thats as far removed from the real world as you can get, so it just came across as such an arrogant message...

Well an hour afterwards he apologies, then deleted the original message. But as we all know, once you put something online, it is there forever.

And some very clever San Fran artist decided to remind Kenny of this, by printing the tweet on the shop front of his San Francisco store.

I know Kenneth Cole has donated a million dollars to charity in the past, and I presume his heart was in the right place, but when millions are fighting for their right to a better life, its not the time to promote the fact that your having a sale.


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