Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sir, I need to search your bag!

It's not just girls that carry around far too much in their bags, guys do as well. I was clearing out my old bag during the week and I felt just like Mary Poppins, it was never ending, so naturally I thought, get the camera. And this is the contents.

I never carried a bag until I moved to London last summer, where, after a day with pockets overflowing and a tesco bag full of my belongings I decided it was to invest in a good man bag. And now I would be lost with out it.

This beauty was the first thing I brought when I started college in 2005 down in Cork. God, 2005. Anyways seeing as I was trendy wendy 17 year old in the making I figured all the cool college kids all have messenger bags, nobody would be caught dead with a backpack. Especially in a film school, of all places. Well, I was wrong. No one had a trendy wendy man bag, and worst of all NOTHING FUCKING FITS! You can get about 2 sketch books and maybe a few pens. Then about a week later the zip broke and my lovely green trendy wendy Dunlop went into early retirement.

Until last week when I took him to get fixed, and that took forever, the man who fixed the zip great trouble locating a green zip, even though I said about 20 times I dont care what colour it is, and yet 2 weeks later when he called to say it was fixed, he was proud as punch to inform me he located a green zip. He failed to mention the zip was probably older than I am and is as stiff as a motherfucker. Either way, it is now fixed and I once again have a (almost) functional trendy wendy bag.


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Anonymous said...

I love this! I also got before going to college in Cork and you're describing my experiences word for word. The only difference is that I haven't gotten around to fixing that zip yet..