Friday, January 14, 2011

1000th Post!

Its hard to believe, I've had this blog now for just over two years, and I have to say it really has kept my creativity going, and gave me my creative gluttony. I have no intension to stop blogging any time soon. It's fun!

So is DIY. Yes, DRN does DIY. Albeit whist listening to Kylie and drinking a Bulmers, but I'm sure thats what all builders do when no one is looking.

The walls of my room have been looking so bare, as you can see for yourself below. Plain Jane.

So with the help of a few photo frames, here's the after. I got all of the frames from either second hand shops around the town, or from the 2 Euro store. Bargain.

So this is just the beginning, I plan on framing more of my own art work, and some more pictures with me and my mates.

So here's to another 1000+ more posts, and more art collecting from around the web.


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