Friday, January 7, 2011

Jules Street

So I'll have to admit I was a little late to the Fade Street party, mostly because I saw the first episode, and it was was, uh shit! But after watching Conor Behan's Following Fade Street I began to get intrigued again.

And Im so glad I did, because of this amazing creature, Julia, or Jules to her friends. And I use the term friends loosely. Anyways Jules is awesome because a) The Hair, b) the hair and c)the clothes, how amazing is that necklace. Anyways its funny cause she seems to know that shes on a stupid RTE try hard show but goes along with it anyways.

On a sad note in the final episode we find out that Jules has left for the bring lights of London, I suggest that they just give her a show being a fabulous whatever it is she does.

Conor Behan does a great recap show too, Following Fade Street. I dont know how he wasn't offered his own reality show after his Cici impression.


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_Dushka_ said...

Oh I know, it's an injustice that Conor hasn't been offered his own show, now THERE'S something I'd watch.