Saturday, January 15, 2011

You expect me to talk?

So I got tagged in this questionnaire thing. So here's a little more about me.

Why did you create your blog?

My friend Catherine and I started the blog in late 2008. We were in our 2nd year of college and both pissed off really with the lack of inspiration we had around us. We studied in AIT (Athlone Institute of Technology) and while the college was a great place, there was no place quite like Northgate St., we still didn't have the same galleries and exhibitions that say a student in DIT or NCAD would have available to them. So we decided to start a blog to inspire ourselves and try spread a little inspiration ourselves. Catherine stopped blogging in 09, and I kept the blog running since.

What kind of blogs do you follow?

Mostly Irish blog, I find them a lot easier to relate too. Mostly design blogs, whether thats fashion, graphics or interior design. And a few choice music blogs too.

Favourite make-up brand?

Why do women wear make-up and perfume?

Cause they're ugly and they smell bad!

Im a boy! I don't know.

Favourite clothing brand?

I used to work in Topman, in both London and Galway and I've always liked their Topman AAA collections and Topman LTD. I also shop in Zara for my basics.

Your indespesible make-up product?

Again I'm a lad, so I'll say my Sure deodorant.

Your favourite colour?

At the moment I am all about the mustard yellow, but I do like a good kelly green too.

Your perfume?

I don't know about perfume, but my aftershave right now is CK Be for during the day and Marc Jacob's BANG! for going out. Its spicesay as my girl Shona says.

Your favourite film?

Who can answer this question? It changes all the time, right now I will say True Romance and The September Issue would be my favourite documentary.

What country would you like to visit and why?

I would live to visit South America at some stage, climb a few mountains in Peru, see the Aztec ruins in Mexico.

Write a question yourself and answer it: what are you going to have for dinner tonight?

I am making enchiladas for my family, I love Mexican food, then we are all going to watch Toy Story 3.

Ah, that was fun!


This image is totally unrelated, but I couldn't post something without having something pretty to look at....

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