Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just call me Endama

I can only imagine that some fed up, pissed off, and unpaid intern is responsible for this. "Yeah, this will totally get the kids to think your hip. What, oh yeah, everyone still says hip, you should use it in your next speech. Have a nice weekend."

It is terrible. And I'm not just saying that as a designer. I'm saying that as a 22 year old with a little common sense. And taste and opinion for that matter.

Shepard Fairey's Obama posters were so well received because of their style, and what the represented. The traditional screen printed poster, in bold and patriotic American colours, was something that young people wanted to hang on their walls, put up in the office. Plus lets face it, Obama is black, which automatically makes you 20% cooler than some old white guy.

There is a lot of things that photoshop can do, but giving a politician credibility, I'm afraid Enda, is not one of them.


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