Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not just a New Year, Its a New Decade!

Happy 2011 friends! A whole decade has gone by, isn't that crazy? I can remember ringing in the Millennium, being out on the street with all my neighbours and friends and turning to my sister and asking her is it 2000? I was 12 years old then. We had just got a computer and there was no such thing as an iPod or a Lady Gaga. Oh how times have changed. For the better, of course.

Anyways for the past 4 years now my mates from secondary school have gone to dinner every NYE and this year year was no except. I am so glad that after ten plus years we are all still in contact and as close as ever. Well, except for the number of us left. In 09 we had a party of 32, 3 tables and had half the restaurant closed off. This year it was a much more intimate 15. Thats recession/youth immigration for ya. Anyways it was still a fantastic group and the food was delicious.

As you can tell I licked the plate clean. The restaurant, Coco Fusion, was a former Chinese place that now incorporates other cuisines into its menu, so for starters I had Meat Sung and for Mains I had a Honey Roasted Chicken, gravy and a baby potatoes. See, fusion!

And at €19.50 a head for a 3 course meal you really couldn't go wrong?

I will definitely be returning.

We left the restaurant just after ten, which was the perfect time for NYE. The pubs weren't too jammed, and we were able to have a few drinks without being squashed into the corner.

Do you like my holiday beard? I grew it myself?

From Patrick's bar we ventured up the town to a nice OMP (Old Man Pub) Fawls, were we decided this would be the perfect location to ring in the new year. Good company, lots of drinks, thats all you really need.

How else would you ring in the new year then with a few shots?

I know I look totally crazy here, but hey, I was just happy to be out of the house. Christmas is great, but God then cabin fever set in fast this years. Anyways this is Aileen, Sinead, Elaine, Jennifer, Niamh, Aoife, Sarah and myself, old crazy face!

This is Lydia, desperate for an NYE Kiss!

Brian the Barman!

Niamh and Andy the happy yank.

Myself and Niamh, in the Clare colours! Do you like my jumper? 9.99 in Lidl! I think its a find, and I'll be bang on trend for A/W 11 in my Camel Neutrals. Yes, I know thats a womens trend, but I was thinking more 70's YSL, less Chloé!

Drink up! And from Fawls we went to our local, Brandons. And yes, seeing as Ive been frequenting the place since I was 16 I can safely say that it is my local, whether I like it or not. I decided to call it a night just after one, I was tired and not in the mood the wait 2 hours for a taxi later on in the night...

All in all it was the perfect way to celebrate a new decade. I decided to bring all the great thing from the last ten years with me, my friends, and leave behind all the bad things. New decade. New start.

My New Years resolution is pretty simple this year. I am number 1. From now I will be putting my mind, body and spirit first. And seeing as today is the 1/1/11 I can't think of a better day then to start looking after Number One. Me!

I wish every single reader to my little blog a fantastic 2011, and I honestly mean that with all my heart.

Health & Happiness


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