Saturday, January 22, 2011

Now He's Having A Moment!

I've started a new Men's Fashion Blog, HE'S HAVING A MOMENT, WHAM'S trouble making younger brother.

I started the site because I felt there really aren't any Irish male fashion bloggers out there, apart from Cillian who does an amazing job at Male-Mode.

We're going to have editorials, follow what's happening on the runway, what the lads are wearing on the red carpet, and just generally have some fun.

Please get in touch if you are a designer, a fellow blogger, a stylist, a photographer, a make up artist, or just a fashionable fella... I would be more than happy to feature new Irish and International talent...

So enjoy H.H.A.M as it shall be known for short, hopefully we'll be able to inspire a few lads out there to stop wearing beer related slogan t-shirts and into some decent clothes.


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