Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've got friends in cyber places

So last...God I can't even remember, I'm going to say february but I don't know... we'll say it was February. Ok so in February I was a ball of stress bags due to impending dissertation, and with no primary research done I came up with the genius idea of doing what I do best. Sitting on the couch, on my laptop, networking. Not just regular networking, social networking!

I figured since the topic of my dissertation was the influence of the youth culture magazine (i-D and The Face) who better to ask then some influencial people via micro blogging site Twitter. And some VERY influential people replied to me.

Dita Von Teese, Kelly Osbourne, Milla Jovovich, Jeremy Scott, Max Ortega, Bryan Boy and Drag queen superstar DJ Jodie Harsh (FYI trying to give some information on who and what Jodie Harsh is in your college dissertation is pretty hard)

Long story short my thank yous and acknowledgements read like the fucking VIP list. and I think my lecturer was somewhat impressed at my easy yet super effective celebrity questionnaire.


p.s follow me on twitter ya'll @DarrenMcMahon54

This was my last tweet: she left the two shopping bags in the BOOT of the taxi. Okay I know this show is aimed at 14 year olds and gays but COME ON!!! #fadestreet

Yep, gems like that coming atcha all day from me =)

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