Thursday, January 13, 2011

Loike he was totally chatting some burd up at the boor!

Do you drink coffee? I never got into it, not even in college. To be honest I'm kinda glad, I have some friends that can't function without a cup in the morning. Maybe I just need to try different types of coffee, but for the moment a cup of tea is all I need. I say this because yesterday I was offered an internship with an events organisation, and if my years of research (i.e The Hills) have thought me anything, its that I need to show up look to work with a grande latte in one hand, and a blackberry in the other.

Since I'm going to be an intern I suppose now is the time for me to get involved in a dysfuntional relationship, also I'll need a friend to betray me and a few sex tape rumours.

and hopefully I'll be in the office with a dopey blonde girl, who can ask me "so what did you do this weekend?" every morning. And I can fill her in with tales of deceit and betrayal...

All in all I am very excited to start. Yes its unpaid, but it is experience and a good opportunity to build up my portfolio. and if those Fade Street dumbasses can do it, anyone can!

Wish me luck.


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Little Monkey Boy said...

hahaha good luck Darren!